Leadership safari is a program available to all incoming transfer and freshman students. It was a time before classes started (allowing early move in for the dorms) where you were put into a group of 10 students for about 5 days. During these days your task to work through problem solving, communication skills, and develop relationships with the people in your group. For me leaderships safari was an amazing experience it allowed me to meet so many fun people and made it a lot easier to come into college. I didn’t have to worry about finding someone to sit with for meals, if I would have any one to hang out with, or simply having someone to talk to throughout the long days. During leadership safari we are lead by a safari guide whose name was Allie Green. Allie was not strict on us and did not play the “mom” role. She truly was there for us and made us all feel very comfortable with our group quicker than most. During these days we were privileged to now hang out with our new friends all day long with no classes to worry about, but also received the opportunity to listen to many guest speakers. These speakers had sad, exciting, and inspiring messages, creating an eager start to every day and making each day unique. Safari is an experience like no other that no student should pass up.