This entry allowed the mentors and mentees to connect, for some of us, for the very first time. The freshman and sophomore cohort of LAS went on a trip to Eagle Village. There we were granted the opportunity to interact with so many more people and get to know our mentors on a deeper level. My mentor is named Justin. First coming in to the retreat I thought it might be awkward because I was expected to successfully complete a weekend full of an abundance of different situations and obstacles with basically a stranger. but that was not the case for long. Justin and I became friends rather quickly and had more things in common than we could’ve imagined. Together we went through a high ropes course the challenge our relationship to work together and trust each other. This trip made the first a few weeks of college a breeze because I developed such a relationship’s with my mentor and many others on the same trip. Easily my favorite experience so far and look forward to next year taking on the role of a mentor on this trip.