As part of our lives protocol all of the freshman cohort is required to go to the connections conference which is held at the great Wolf Lodge in Traverse City. As many of his events are requirements, they’re still great opportunities. They provided us with multiple speakers on different topics of leadership skills and techniques to get through difficult times and be more proficient with time. As well as teaches leadership qualities this conference allowed us to connect with many peers that we normally do not see you on a daily basis. I personally met multiple new friends that I am still in contact with today. Connections allows people to realize all the different opportunities and clubs on campus and allows us to collaborate and work together. It allows us to see if I’ll coming together can benefit all groups, as far as attendance and even productivity within the group. To top it all off at the end of the night we got our own free time, which we are allowed to spend in the waterpark. I don’t know about you but I believe is was amazing an opportunity to learn to many great skills, meet many new friends, and get to go to an indoor waterpark all in one weekend was an amazing experience.