Asking people who they think of as leaders, the common answer is leaders in government or people that strongly influence your daily life. What many don’t think about are the people who influence us in unique ways. These can consist of sports players, announcers, or even actors. Jack Black is one of these actors. The different characters he portrays teach us different lessons on various topics.

In the movie School of Rock Jack Black plays the role of a substitute teacher, after being kicked out of his band for being too selfish. He begins as a go with a flow type personality and does not show any care for these students. After realizing his students potential he begins to help them express themselves through music the students are not used to. This brings the classroom closer together and creates a well rounded relationship to the newly formed young band. His role in this movie was not only to be an obnoxious and hilarious substitute teacher but to show that it takes more than just showing up to be successful. Showing up and communicated with the people in your everyday life allows your group to reach its fullest potential.

Jack Black may play fictional characters but he has the ability to leave an impression on people. I think it is for that reason he is chosen for so many roles. It allows the movie to reach its audience and leave a lasting impression on an audience, imprinting the underlying meaning with a fun twist.