Personally before class I was not very aware of the issues that are ongoing in Detroit. Since having a guest speaker in class I am aware that there are so many things that many people including myself are unaware of to this day. One of the conflicts I am now aware of is the decrease in population in Detroit. It amazed me when I learned about all the dividing markers and how that played a factor into where and how many people lived in that area. As mentioned before this information was made aware to me by an amazing guest speaker in my LDR 200 course.

I believe a service trip to Detroit can relate to the purpose and vision of the Leadership Institute in multiple ways. 1) Being that during this trip there will be challenges and new experiences which allows us as young leaders to develop our comfort with stepping outside the box and exploring new things. 2) Helping others in any way possible as we go on this trip, it might only be about a 36 hour trip but the impact and different it can and will make in someones life will last much longer than the small 36 hours we are here. 3) Helping others and developing our personal leadership skills is used to inspire others and I feel that is a very big role in the Leadership Institute.

This being a new experience and personally not knowing much of what I’m heading into excites me. It will allow me to leave an open mind and take a step back to obtain a new experience and be in a unfamiliar place. I believe it will allow me to become a better leader because I will have more knowledge and consideration for the ongoing events at hand, especially in my own state. Very excited and ready to see the difference of where I am and where I will be in such a short time.