In our Leadership 200L class, part of our protocol was to watch a seminar video called a Ted Talk. “TED Talks are videos that present a great idea in 18 minutes or less. They’re filmed at flagship TED conferences, independent TEDx events, and other programs. The goal of a TED Talk  is to illustrate Ideas Worth Spreading — in fields like science, technology, business, culture, art and design — around the world.” (

How Great Leaders Inspire Action is the TED Talk we were assigned to do and this was a video I had already seen in a leadership presentation put on by my peers so I was sort of familiar with the content. However, this time was different because I got to dive deep into the video and get a better understanding of the things that Simon Sinek was explaining. I got out of the video that the things you’re doing with your life are explainable but had to understand why we do them. The TED Talk focuses on “Start With Why,” which in a quick summary means, why do we do the things we do everyday. Most of us know what we’re doing and how we’re doing them, however, a lot of the time we don’t know why we are doing them. Being a leader is about bringing other people to a complete understanding of the reason why they wake up and live life the way they do. Simply just expecting a paycheck to satisfy happiness is the wrong way of going about life. Leaders often develop a certain principle that allows them to know exactly why and what we are pursuing when leading. That is called your “Why Statement”.

Creating my “Why Statement” was hard because I was at the Special Olympics: Winter Games during the class discussion on how to form a why statement. I quickly learned that my why statement wasn’t something I was certain about for awhile. I’m one of those people that didn’t exactly know what I was waking up for everyday. Because of this video and a later development, I realized that my “Why Statement” is: Inspire others to work passionately toward their goals to better the future. I feel like I can change others around me by pushing them to do their best and letting them know that they can excel in all facets of life when they maximize their full potential.