This class has been very helpful, allowing me to grow in my leadership. This class was taken with my cohort, where we interacted and taught each other through presentations about different leadership theories. It is very easy to be able to lead how one sees fit but going through this class has allowed me to take away more than just my own view on things. It has taught me different skills to handle situations in different ways to appeal to the needs of others.

Going forward from this class I will be able to make logical decisions based off of the materials learned. Now I have the skills and experience of facilitating to be able to go out in a new setting and be able to help others grow in leadership and be able to encourage them to find their goals. This will help extremely  well with my college 101 RSO, because what we do all day is facilitate and talk about our goals and leadership qualities. Having the knowledge and capability to facilitate and converse with these students will allow me to have a lasting impact on them in a positive way.Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.50.29 AM.png