My RSO was going to connections that count. Connections is an RSO on campus that offered students around the community to come to the student activity center. This activity offer students the opportunity to be able to be involved with special education. It allows students on campus to impact the lives of other students in many ways. It is on Tuesday and Wednesday nights, the activities included various different ways to have the students with disabilities to interact and communicate. The activities are fully inclusive as well, students are always given the opportunity to choose different games and very frequently we are allowed to use the campus bowling alley. During these activities you’re usual paired up with one to three students with various disabilities. And basically all that I do is start conversation, make sure the students are having fun, and making sure that they are all safe and being friendly with their peers around them. Which is usually the students favorite activity to do! I first heard about it at my special-education class. There’s is usually about thirty students that come to this RSO weekly. Because of the high amount of students many volunteers are needed and it is not limited to any one major. The RSO gives a good explanation of what is expected of the volunteers and it is an time getting to just hang out with basically some younger siblings. Yes there can be easier things to be involved with or spend time at another event but this RSO is very rewarding knowing that these children look forward to seeing us every week and look up to us. Special education can sometimes be intimidating and that is why you can come and volunteer with friends and the same staff that is there every week. This is a very unique RSO, not many other RSO’s give people volunteer hours but also gives people hands-on experiences. These experiences allow people to take skills into the real world and apply them. For me being a special education major it was very nice to be granted the opportunity to work the students with various disabilities. Instead of being worried about if I could handle it or manage in a classroom or even problem solve when conflict arose, I now have the hands on experience and the confidence to be able to go through a work day and proudly know that I can handle it. Definitely would suggest his RSO to anyone who enjoys working with education or younger children!