Lead team was a fun time. It allowed me to grow as an individual and be able to grow new friendships within the leadership Institute. My lead team was Special Events, this meant that I helped organize the events held for the LAS students. One of these events was the LEAD on Ice event where all the students on campus involved with leadership were able to get together over a fun late night of ice skating. These events are important because we all work so hard and its deserved to be able to come together and have a night of fun with the people around that all have similar goals in mind. This group allowed me the opportunity to collect opinions and try to make the best of everything for the people at the events! It has definitely been a good learning experience to be able to put on events and help coordinate things from behind the scenes. Overall this Lead team has encouraged me to be able to go big or shoot for a high goal. It was a fun way to bring people together and be able to see the connections that some of these people have been able to create with their mentees and mentors!

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