At this conference we talked about our individual leadership styles and qualities. This is very important because every leader should know what kind of leader they are. Knowing so will allow them to think about the proper way to access the situation they are in. I was found to be a enthusiastic leader this meant that I am a very energetic and outgoing leader. I did not find this to be very surprising since I am a rather loud and energetic individual. Knowing what kind of style your leadership is also allows me to tone it down when needed. This can help me in the future when I am facilitating a group activity because at times I could come across as annoying or make people uncomfortable due to being so energetic and outgoing. It is very good to know what you strengths are but also maybe even better to know what our weaknesses are. This allows us to know when we should ask for help or when we should step down and allow someone more qualified to take over. Screen Shot 2017-05-05 at 9.25.57 AM.png