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This year has been needless to say an “Interesting” year. I say interesting because thats about the only word that can summarize everything that has happened. This year I found a new family that I could not have made it through without them along my side. After the first few weeks I realized that I would not be able to know what all is going to happen let alone be in control when it did happen. After learning about some leadership theories I am positive the adaptive leadership theory is the most relatable for me.

The Adaptive Leadership Theory is all about being able to “willow”. Meaning if something is thrown at you that you didn’t see coming then make the best of it and have a good time doing it. This theory could not be more correct when it comes to college students. So many times a new assignment will come up or a paper is due at midnight and everything is on track. Then that thing called life happens and there is a family matter to go home to, you get called into work, or you simply get sick from donating plasma too often. This is where this Leadership Theory allows an individual to come to the realization that it is okay. It is going to happen and there isn’t always something an individual can do about it.

Furthermore, this year was an experience like no other. Applying that adaptive mentality allowed me to make the best of this year and the people around me. My cohort and classes I was able to take with them allowed me to grow as an individual and make lifetime friends along the way. There really is no telling how much it means to have those friends that are always there for. Whether you are sleeping through your 8am so they turn into your alarm clock every morning, one of your best friends is your personal reminder, and the most important the people that sit up with you until the sun comes up talking about everything there is to talk about.