In LDR 100 a few of the CMU Women’s soccer team captains came in and spoke to our class. They talked about the struggles that it is to lead and to be able to keep the team community together. They showed the importance that is not always easy to be a team leader and that it is more than just a title. It is very nice to say that you’re the captain of a Division I soccer team but it is also a lot of pressure to have on your shoulders. They talked about how it is important to have other leaders on the team other than themselves if it was just two people constantly monitoring of the entire team it would create a lot of tension between them. This is where other players although they are not captains are allowed to step up and help with the team community and monitor each other.

A big take away from this lecture to our class was that even if you don’t have a leadership title it does not mean you’re not a leader. If anything it allows you to lead in your own style and take the pressure off of yourself and also help the captains that are under the pressure. This shows us as leaders also that it is not all up to yourself to get something done. Lead in a way that inspires others to want to lead and that brings them to the point where they can lead. One of the captains stated that she is not very outspoken and yet she is one of their captains. This shows us there is more than just talking and speeches in leadership. Leading by example is just as important and that is exactly what almost any of us can do throughout out time at college and so on in the work environment.