Coming into LAS I heard we get to have mentors, I wasn’t sure what that all meant. After going through an entire year of it I understood. Justin is my mentor and he did exactly what I needed. He wasn’t the typical book mentor and I think that is what makes a good mentor.

While going through the Mentor Workshop i realized I don’t need to be worried about being able to do everything in the books. What I need to do is be able to be there for what my mentee, Cogan, needs. This workshop allowed me to understand that I just need to treat him similar to how I want to be treated. We talked about the unique relationship and how every experience is going to be different. That is where we need to make them feel special and give them what they need in order to thrive as well as we did our freshman years.

It finally happened, I had been informed of how to mentor, found who my mentee is, and finally I revealed to him. This isn’t always easy or go as planned but mine went off without a hitch. I drove down to Kalamazoo and surprised him with lunch at his math center. From there we talked about how the rest of his senior year was going and told him a little bit about college. I am very excited to see where our relationship will go and hope that I can positively influence him just as my mentor Justin has done for me.IMG_3073.JPG