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My Leadership Philosophy

Leadership Philosophy

            Every person gets to make his or her own choices, those choices determine your lifestyle. The choices I have made throughout my life have led me down a path of Leadership. The first major choice that brought me to this lifestyle was in high school when I joined student council my freshman year. This finally brought more responsibility onto my shoulders, people relied on me to have tasks done and done correctly. After having a little experience with a leadership role, I knew I enjoyed it. I like having the opportunity to have my voice heard and this way it made it even easier. I became more involved by heading up events and leading meetings instead of only being a member. I began to develop my leadership after making beginner mistakes and with the support of the teachers I had become close with over my time in school. After becoming more and more involved with my school I began to understand what kind of a leader I am. I looked back at how I handled certain situations and realized I have always tried to be an inclusive leader. Meaning, while I facilitate or plan events I do my best to have everyone feel included to allow everyone to be able to develop in the way that person would like. I was not always given that opportunity growing up in such a small school and looking from the outside in at new places. I want to take that concept of “from outside looking in” away as a leader. Being a leader to me isn’t about getting to your goal or where you want to end up, its bringing everyone along the way to where you want to be. With that in mind leadership takes patience, understanding, and communication. A leader can probably reach their goal if they ask for help then never return favors or do it alone and only have to worry about themselves. But to me that isn’t a leader. I hope to achieve this goal throughout my life. I know I will approach conflicts and challenges in my life, but that is what helps me to develop my leadership and teach me lessons necessary to reach these goals. At the end of the day my leadership style is reflected off the thought of, no one should be able to determine who can or cannot be a part of something. That is why I have chosen a career in special education and that is why I lead to the best of my ability to be able inspire others to be inclusive and friendly to better our lives around us and our futures together.

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